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Skill Set Enhancer Application

Client's Activity

For over three decades, One Smart World (OSW) has been advocating the need to build a smarter, better world. Lead by a relentless innovator, Bob Wiele, OSW continues to develop world-class thinking tools that people can use right away to build their skills, make better decisions and tap into the total intelligence of their team. The 4D-i®, a critical piece of their overall suite of products, is a powerful personal and professional effectiveness system that empowers people and teams to improve results, by learning how to think better, solve problems faster and work smarter together.

The Challenge

OSW approached us with a unique challenge of re-engineering their already successful product – the 4D-i® application – that is used by 200+ corporates across the globe. In particular, OSW is keen in extending their market reach to college students. The first challenge was to securely transfer all the data from the existing flash based portal, which had been developed 10 years previous. Then, finding a balance between the needs of already using corporate clients and to be targeted college students.

Our Approach

To build a brand new user experience yet accommodating the needs of current users, we had to think radically. We conducted focus groups with diverse set of potential users and decision makers to elicit high-level details. We then leveraged the expertise of the OSW’s top brass through a series of interviews. This led us to design principles that are a blend of simplicity and sophistication. We then conducted usability studies and user interviews to unleash a set of new functional requirements that would further empower the application. All of these choices were made to support the core idea of accelerating collaborative teamwork.

Application at a Glance

We not only ported the application from flash to HTML5, we created a brand new application that will deliver the same excellent user experience on all platforms: desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets. Also, by adopting a modular architecture, we ensured that the 4D-i® portal can be easily integrated into other products. The 4D-i® portal has the following modules:

End User Organization Administrator Super Administrator